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Information for professional and amateur landscape gardeners

Just starting?

"the first step"

Are you a landscaper looking to create an arid garden for the first time? Your first step must be a visit to Karnup Nursery, give us a call and arrange a time to come down and check out our gardens and see what plants are available. Arranging a visit will ensure there will be a staff member to help you, alternatively you can just pop in.

Have a design?

"the list"

If you have a design already done, you can contact us to check stock availability. You can email your list through, or even text it! The more information you can provide with your design list, the better we can help. We can also discuss substitutions based on availability.

Advanced Landscapers

"for the pros"

Let us know how we can help! If you are seeking large quantities of certain species with a generous time frame, we can "grow to order". Chasing an advanced feature plant? Give us a call and come down for a visit. 

Contact Us

Call 0434 990 520

Landscapers are encouraged to call and discuss plant availability and projects. Give us a ring and introduce yourself.

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